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Our Work -

"MyKidsArena Package of Right Mix"

There are hundreds of items available in the market that claim to be beneficial to the child. Not all of them are well designed. Also parents, sometimes, tend to focus on just one aspect of the development (example intellectual) and may miss out on the others like social and emotional.
Our objective is to help parents create a fun and stimulating home environment for their child with the help of a package of right mix of toys, books, games, cds etc.
To prepare the right mix, we keep in mind:

•  The skills and abilities the child is acquiring during a particular age.
•  The age-appropriateness, development value and fun value of the items.

MyKidsArena supplies furniture for play school, equipments for play school, toys for play school, books for play school to preschool, nursery, kindergarten, montessori in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata and all India

"Quality Time"

We conduct interactive sessions with group of parents to discuss how they can make the most of the time they get with their children in today's fast paced life.

The topics that are covered are:

  1. What is quality time?
  2. How much time is quality time?
  3. What are the things that parents need to be aware of when spending time with children?
    And other related issues

Tone of the Session: Empathetic, Not preachy, "respecting people's ambitions", "Lets make the most of what we get"

Time: 50 minutes (approximately)

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